Permaculture Practices I Use in My Home Garden

Benefits of permaculture gardening.

Permaculture transforms gardens into ecosystems that sustain themselves. My home garden follows this approach, focusing on sustainable and self-sufficient practices. Here, I’ll share the specific methods I use, their benefits, and some personal insights. Building Healthy Soil Healthy soil forms the foundation of a productive garden. I avoid tilling to protect the soil structure. Instead, … Read more

When to Harvest Carrots? From Garden to Table

When to Harvest Carrots?

Harvesting carrots at their peak is important if you want to enjoy that fresh, sweet flavor. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know to get the best harvest. There are a few key factors that determine how fast carrots finish growing. Access to sunlight, soil health, and regular water play major roles. … Read more

When to Harvest Sweet Potatoes?

Sweet potatoes have become one of the most common vegetables in gardens and kitchens around the world. Originating from South America over 5000 years ago, these tender warm-season annuals require careful timing and conditions to flourish and reach their full potential. Growing them is possible in practically all the regions and weather conditions, which makes … Read more

What Are Smallholder Farms? Can They Save The Day?

smallholder farms

Smallholder farms are common in both developing and developed countries. They produce 80% of the world’s food supply. Smallholder farms contribute tremendously to: Food and nutrition security, Raw materials, Income, Economic markets through the flow of other goods and services and, The overall development of nations. There are about 475 million smallholder farms worldwide. They … Read more

The Incredible, Edible Seed: Beneath the Shell

Seeds - Buckwheat

Although humble in appearance, seeds have nourished generations of people through their potent nutritional content and ability to blossom into plants that sustain both animals and humans. From the ground have come essential crops that feed and fuel our bodies, supporting our growth and development from childhood through adulthood. This article seeks to shed light … Read more

What Is Sunn Hemp and How Is It Used in Agronomy?

Sunn Hemp and Agronomy

The world of agriculture has seen an ever-evolving array of crop varieties, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. One such standout, with its remarkable potential in soil improvement, weed suppression, and animal fodder, is sunn hemp (Crotalaria juncea). In this comprehensive exploration, we’ll get into what this plant is and how it’s used in … Read more

Protecting Seeds: The What, Why, and How of Seed Treatments

protecting seeds

Seed treatment is an important part of modern agriculture, playing a vital role in crop protection and yield enhancement. This article provides information on seed treatments, exploring their importance and focusing on types and application methods. Importance in Modern Agriculture They are essential for maximizing crop yields and ensuring food security. Treatments protect seeds from … Read more

What are Drain Tiles? Safeguard Your Property

Drain Tiles

For many people, small drainage pipes hidden beneath soil and stone are hardly given a second thought. Known only as “drain tiles” to some, these ordinary yet important components do vital work in keeping homes and gardens dry. Within this guide, I hope to shed light on the world of drain tiles and why they … Read more

Why are Seeds of Different Sizes and Shapes?


Seeds come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. From tiny dust-like to huge nuts, each type is perfectly adapted for how its plant parents live and spread. Over millions of years, they evolved different traits to help the plant species survive wherever they grow. Some are tiny so the wind can carry them far … Read more