Eco-Friendly Pest Control Solutions I’ve Tried On My Organic Farm

leaves damaged by pests

Pests can significantly impact crop yields if left unchecked. On my farm, we had issues with aphids damaging our lettuce, caterpillars eating holes in our cabbage leaves, and beetles boring into our strawberry fruits. This led to a decrease in our harvest. Finding targeted yet eco-friendly control methods was paramount to the success and sustainability … Read more

Permaculture Practices I Use in My Home Garden

Benefits of permaculture gardening.

Permaculture transforms gardens into ecosystems that sustain themselves. My home garden follows this approach, focusing on sustainable and self-sufficient practices. Here, I’ll share the specific methods I use, their benefits, and some personal insights. Building Healthy Soil Healthy soil forms the foundation of a productive garden. I avoid tilling to protect the soil structure. Instead, … Read more

Organic Farming Techniques for Beginners – My Experience

Beginner's guide to organic farming.

My journey into farming didn’t end with regenerative methods alone. When I witnessed the benefits to my land firsthand, it pushed me to go further into organic practices. Organic farming meshes with the ideals of sustainability and wellness that matter most to me. It additionally provides a sensible way in for newcomers. After seeing good … Read more